Using Wowlet on Tails

Running tails is an easy moar secure way to use your wownero.

This guide will explain adding wowlet to tails to be reboot safe and stored on an encrypted USB. What you will need

Setting up Tails

Install Tails on your USB drive by following the instructions on the official Tails website.

Boot Tails for the first time and configure a persistent volume (Applications -> Tails -> Configure persistent volume). Set a strong password and make sure you enable dotfiles persistence. Now reboot Tails.

On the Tails greeter unlock your persistent volume. Now start Tails.

Attach an ethernet cable or connect to wifi.

Downloading Wowlet

Go to and download the latest Wowlet desktop for Linux 64-bit. Wait for the download to complete.

You can verify the archive by checking the sha256sum provided.

Extract the archive. Wait for the extraction to complete (see the spinner in the top of the file browser) then copy the extracted folder to your persistent storage (/home/amnesia/Persistent).

Navigate to the folder that contains wowlet and open a terminal inside this folder.

Right click on whitespace (not a file) inside the folder if the option to open in Terminal does not appear.

Run the following command to create a startup script to start wowlet(Use right click -> Paste instead of CTRL + V.):

cat << EOF > wowlet.AppImage
torsocks ./wowlet 

Make the script executable by running

chmod +x wowlet.AppImage

In the file explorer double click on the file named wowlet.AppImage, this will start wowlet. If nothing happens, make sure the file is marked as executable: right click on the file -> Properties -> Permissions -> Allow executing file as program.

Finishing Up

At first Wowlet may show some trouble connecting. There are not many onion nodes so you may have to add nodes manually from

You Win. Reboot to ensure your changes are safe.

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