Quick Start

Getting wowlet Wallet

Click Links > Wowlet Downloads at the top of the page and choose the version for your operating system (macOS, Windows, or Linux). Once downloaded use Unzip(if necessary) to extract the wallet program.

Running wowlet Wallet


Look for, click to run.


Look for wowlet-wow.AppImage, click to run. Installation shortcut will appear under ‘Internet’ menu.


Look for a file called wowlet-wow.exe, click to run.

Creating a wallet

Set wallet name and password

Name your wallet and choose a password you will not forget.

Copy your seed down!!!!!!

You must physically write down your seed. It is possible for the data on your hard drive to go bad and you lose your Wow. The only way to recover the Wow is by having a physical copy of the seed. This is easy, find a personal spot at home and using a pen write down the 14 words somewhere they wont be easily spoted by friends.

Recieving Wow

Copy your recieve address and give it to a friend!

Sending Wow

Ask for your friends recieving address and send them the wow!

Hack the planet!! Hack the planet!! Hack the planet!!